Thursday, May 07, 2015

Tanka Love

Broth soup
Ice cream
Foods to help me
Feel better.  :-)) ♡☆*

Tanka Jazz

Fast and smooth...♡*

Spring Tanka

I see motorcycle
Tops down
And old schools,
It must be
Early Spring. ♡*

Spring Haiku

Is it spring
Or is it
Chilli just because.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Tanka Spiritual Love

His love
My love
Our love

Haiku Spiritual Love

Much Love
Many Blessings
Shine Out

Haiku Spiritual Love

Love shine in
Love shine out
Love shine on

Tanka Spiritual Love

Love shine in
Love shine out
Love shine on,
Love never stop
Shining bright. ..

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tanka Music Love

Hip hop,
Rhythm and blues. ♡☆

Jazz Love Tanka

And all that jazz.

Short Poem

I have this swing feeling
And I'm craving this bluesy flavor
And l want to do something spontaneous
Oh that jazz, that jazz, yeah.

A Love Haiku

One Love
One Heart
One Soul ♡☆

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Cold and rainy
Winter rains are
Neve fun. *',','☆

Random Thought

Welp need to dream in other ways...with some peace, love, soul, and some happiness is all I'm dreaming about...


Good morning
Good night. *',','☆

Friday, December 05, 2014

Solo ~°~°~

Sometimes I miss him more
When I see him driving by
As I'm waiting for my bus to come
Sometimes he opens his door
For me...

I think he misses me too...

"But he was never good for me and I was never good for him, I just remember what we use to do..."
Sometimes I wish I never got so caught up in him...just continue talking to you...

Got caught up in you...but your so far away...
He was right here, right now...

I wish you where here right now, right now...

Monday, December 01, 2014

Random Thought

My dreams and thoughts are like vision, sometimes I see things before they happen...

Random Thought

Sometimes I dream it, and if I really want it, than I think about how to make it happen...

Random Thought

I like to leave my phone in my room all the time when I get home, it's one of the first things I do...

Random Thought

Sometimes I feel like people don't need to know everything about me, but sometimes I feel like, maybe they do need to know what on my heart...


With a smile
Iike sunshine.

Love Haiku

#MuchPeace ♡

Funny Haiku




Saturday, September 27, 2014


One of these days I'm going to work up the nerve to say no sometimes,
at my work,
instead of trying to say no in codex...

Random Thought (of my little friend)

I'm happy to see my little friend is doing okay...
She had a rough summer...

Short Poem

Sun Shining
Looking forward to morning...


Looking forward to morning
I don't sleep much at night
I get my best rest in the morning
I love the weekends
Looking forward to morning...


I like to lay up in bed for a little while more
and daydream, daydream,
and feel the sun upon my face
and body...

#RandomThoughts (Musical Note)

"Let me show you a way to celebrate your life..."~Idris Elba #NW...
Hope to find a special friend to celebrate this life with...
Instead of celebrating #life by myself all the time...

Random Thought

I don't really look for relationship,
especially if we're friend,
because we'er already in one,

Random Thought (about Aunt Rose Lee)

She was so cool,
Loving and understanding,
Prayerful woman,
I hope to be that someday...

Random Thought

#MeTime Chillin' with some music...
#Daydreaming about #Life...